May 7, 2009

No translation to chinese for now =-=

This is another rant? =o My econ teacher was late for 10 minutes today and came in and said:”Sorry, I forgot to turn on my alarm clock.” =-= And she is not satisfied with the amount of people showing up in class! COme on… you should be glad at least some showed up unlike one of my previous cs classes where in the end at most 10 people are in there…
The thing I really can’t stand is how she tried to make people interact. I mean that is good in some people’s perspective, but I HATE teachers like that. Especially since I do not like to talk in class and want to get the materials covered as fast as possible.
Her interaction with class went so long… And sometimes there are random things too… FINALLY after around 5 more minutes before end of class, with around 8 more slides, she said:”OH… We need to finish this chapter today.” -x-;; I barely made it to my next class after that… -sigh-

And my database prof… he talks sooo slow and with pauses =o;; My friend actually fell asleep in there =o I sense alot of doodling afterwards… -flail-

Tonight, I learned that to NEVER color bg with marker, especially a dried up one.. (I really need to get on using them @_@) I was practicing it so I can make a present for Elaine when we met in Anime North… More practice is needed that’s all I can say.
I will scan it tomorrow and try to fix with photoshop or something -sigh-

Umm that’s it for now?

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    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

  2. umm anytime i feel like it?

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