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July 16, 2008

This will probably be my only blog for a while, not much of a blogger, but suddenly want to blog my current thoughts on my future career while sitting at the bus today. Used to be a blogger, with angry teenage blog every time on livejournal, then left when I realized my life is very boring to blog about.

I actually forgot my password/how to get onto wordpress because I haven’t been on for so long x’D

Now this blog post isn’t about my art. It’s more of a reflection about my life after I got into university. Since I started university with my program, I have been thinking if it is the right path for me. Now I don’t hate coding, my major is computer science if you are wondering, but I do hate the fact that I have to do it over and over, with endless bugs to fix. This hatred is more confirmed with my role as a developer this work term. Oh how I despise the fact that after fixing one bug I introduced another!
My university is good in the way that it lets you work every alternate term. Basically, I go to school for 4 months and work for another 4 months till I graduated. Granted, the downside is that I don’t get any breaks and my graduation is dragged on for a year.
The first coding course in university was bad. I was basically dragged there by my friend. High school computer science class wasn’t that well. I only know the basics of looping and if statements. As I sit in the cs133 course, I was LOST. What is this static property or classes or methods that I have to implement? Of course now, they are part of my daily implementation. Oh the basics are a must know.
My second school term wasn’t much to write about, I survived, actually thinking that it was easier than first term, perhaps it is because I understand better how the code structure works? Who knows. =’)
Last term, the programming course was alright, I wasn’t struggling anymore. And the teacher gave us algorithms to implement, which is nice. It is always troublesome to start coding from scratch. I was amazed how I could write out a simple compiler too! Working with two different languages at the same time is hard. At least that’s what I thought at that time…
(I was working with java and mips/assembly languages/binary somewhat)
Now my work term. I have gone through two, and is on my third one. The first one was good. I did html course materials for an online school. It was nice, easy, relaxed, I know what I was doing. Oh yes, I have memorized html by heart and it is my love. Of course, I never bothered with the specifications of w3, but how wrong I was. Time to learn again, when I re-make my site. Getting of side-track, now that first work term, I also did some graphics. The supervisors where happy, so was I, I love making art. Won’t it be nice if all my job is somewhat art related? I also did bit flash and actionscript. Really, I need to learn actionscript, they are quiet useful…
Second term would probably be my most relaxed term ever. I did some database, but mostly worked on input. So just click button and away the information goes. I don’t need to know how it worked, as long as it worked, it’s good. Of course, this lazyness will bite me back someday, that that is my current work term.
Currently, I work on dynamic pages and database accessing. It was brutal. The coding part? So-so. The database? Ehh… it’s ok, SQL ain’t that hard. How it all fits together? That is killer. Been working at the client side for so long, I have never bothered to see what is happening at the server end. And it ain’t pretty. Especially when I started, I don’t even know how or C# is written!
Of course, I survived, well somewhat. I gotta handed it to the coding basics. Even if I don’t know C#, VBscript, or javascript for that matter (those three are ones I am working with closely right now), all coding principles are pretty much the same. I looked at the code, see if and looping statements and yes! I have a clearer understanding of what they are suppose to do. This is also why I feel more nerdy than ever (of course I don’t like to feel nerdy >.< or geeky..). With understanding of coding structure, let it be any type of code, and switch to another, it will be easier to grasp what the code is about because I know how most code works. (Granted, there are weird codes that don’t belong, I heard Scheme is completely different, and have seen python a bit and went “huh??”.) But the underlying principle is the same, I have to know what I am doing, and with a bit of references to the functions, I can code what I want! Maybe this is the reason I feel bit inhuman right now… Of course, my coding skills are still shaky, maybe times introducing new bugs to debug to. (Oh the joy) Oh not to mention optimization! I pretty much ignored it during my school terms, but it ain’t working very well right now. ;) Guess I have much more to fix/learn. (Of course, this ramble is saying that BASICS are important.) For the past few weeks, I have went from coding c#, to AJAX, to translating vbscript to c# and much more. Hard? Yes! More like evil, but I survived because I was able to use my basics (more like first term stuff heh) and the web resources (really love those smart people with their blogs!). (FYI loose type language to a strict type -not sure the technical term here- is hard, way hard!) I’m sure there are more challenges for me to face before my work term ends, but I will survive! (hopefully.. now that my confidence went up a bit..)
Now I bet whoever is still reading is lost, I am a bit of lost myself.. I have never written so much other than homework. (Maybe that’s why I’m in computer science, let the program do the talking! Not me. -joke-). Final thing I want to address to (well not sure if it is final or not..) is how those great dynamic pages designers are awesome. (Including mene of course). Sure, before it is like “wooh that’s cool!” but now that I somewhat have an idea of how they do it, it is more like “HOLY crap and I thought I was insane!” There are many more to learn is what I think now.
In conclusion, if you managed to read here, kudos to you! Me going to a programmer path? Not a chance! Well.. probably going to have to, but I’d like to avoid it. Coding is fun, for fun. As a job? A bit overwhelming and my brain cells WILL die quicker than I want them to. If possible, I certainly want a job that is more half coding and half graphics. But before that.. many many things to learn…
Oh a shameless promotion before I leave, if your company is looking for a computer science co-op student for winter09, that is jan-april 2009, I am looking for my next work term! (Preferably company is in Canada or US) =’D I will finish my second year by that time. Let me know (PM me and we can talk)! I’m more of a junior/intermediate web developer/programmer and a programmer (I guess) with knowledge in java, c#, and c++ (after next term x) ). And I will probably learn some php before that. (IF you wanna count, I learned a bit of javascript, AJAX, and vbscript this term)
This is such a bad blog.. Comments are welcome =’D

(I will.. translate to Chinese sometimes…)

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