December 4, 2007

Argh, still need to come up with an image for the blog layout. I did switch some places around during work. I think it looks ok?  I did some random art for practice today. Don’t know if I’ll do more or not. 还需要一个画做背景,不过在上班的时候有把layout给移动了。现在看起来还好吧?今天有画一些画做练习,不知道还会不会在睡前再画.


Ah.. So hard..

December 2, 2007

The wordpress themes are so hard.. I wonder if I should just leave as it is till later. Been procrastinating on the web-page. I got most of them done, just need to translate to Chinese again. On another note, one more month and school term starts again. I need to work on my work report! [...]