Failed transparency test

April 2, 2012
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Fail so bad…


Marker and metallic pen

March 29, 2012
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Another one


Another marker practice

March 25, 2012
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Finished another marker practice pic. Screw up in many places… 又画了一张马克笔图。有一些地方画错了⋯



March 23, 2012
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Long time no update. Recently started looking into traditional medias as source of drawing. One thing I tried was markers. I have a set of neopiko marks left over and I bought some copic markers as well. How’s the image look? I went through some tutorials and suck trying to figure out how to color [...]


Holy crap spam fest

November 16, 2009

o.o Just few month of inactivity.. I got 777 spam comments to approve when I got back… That’ll teach me for not been on here for a while… I will start updating soon, but mostly freebie drawing and rants. Till then =o If there’s actually any one reading rofl x’D


Bleh School

May 19, 2009

So.. school term is pretty bad… 4 profs, only 1 is good @_@ and here is a rant on the rest 1st one, she tries to do those ask and reply classes, but she gets annoyed if no one is replying … can’t she just teach? TAT and she has no sense of time, so [...]



May 7, 2009

No translation to chinese for now =-= This is another rant? =o My econ teacher was late for 10 minutes today and came in and said:”Sorry, I forgot to turn on my alarm clock.” =-= And she is not satisfied with the amount of people showing up in class! COme on… you should be glad [...]


Meh… Easter Freebie and rant

May 6, 2009

Ok, here are the easter freebies I did for mene in 2009 =0 2009年Mene复活节活动里送的画。 今天,试着做cs350的作业。。。但是老是没把os161给安装好。。。TAT一直有问题!!!!星期五再在学校试吧。。。 This is my rant =-= today i tried to do cs350 assignment TAT -sobs- but the problem is… I cannot set up the stupid os161 program on my student enviornment TAT;; -sobs- i tried so hard TAT with and without [...]


My Geeky Moment

July 16, 2008

This will probably be my only blog for a while, not much of a blogger, but suddenly want to blog my current thoughts on my future career while sitting at the bus today. Used to be a blogger, with angry teenage blog every time on livejournal, then left when I realized my life is very [...]


Ah.. So hard..

December 2, 2007

The wordpress themes are so hard.. I wonder if I should just leave as it is till later. Been procrastinating on the web-page. I got most of them done, just need to translate to Chinese again. On another note, one more month and school term starts again. I need to work on my work report! [...]